Andie Saizan is dedicated to giving a voice to those who have not been previously represented in
the 6 th Congressional District in Louisiana. As a wife, mother and senior software engineer, her tenacity
when faced with complex challenges is unmatched. Upon her graduation from ITI in 2006, she
immediately began trailblazing in the male-dominated field of Information Technology. Andie has
excelled in a highly technical profession earning numerous advanced certifications as well as recognition
from her Alma Mater because of her continued success.

Though Louisiana has suffered multiple natural disasters in recent years, these tragedies created
an environment for Andie to serve those in her local area by assisting with gutting homes and providing
supplies necessary to rehabilitate and rebuild Livingston Parish. Aside from her career success and
philanthropy, Andie has engrained herself in the community and is known for her leadership in some of
the most relevant social justice issues to date. Not only has Andie continued to advocate for those with
unequal rights, she helped cofound and organize events to move these discussions forward.

As if her marked commitment to the area where she has built her career and grown her family is
not enough; she has also become a highly sought-after speaker for her knowledge of IT and
commitment to progressing the industry by empowering other women with her story. Leadership,
compassion, social awareness and a spirit that compels others to push for greatness is intrinsic to Andie
Saizan making her political aspirations a natural next step so she can continue to help others on a larger