Andie's Priorities


I believe in the cherished values of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This is why we need smart, targeted investments in high-quality infrastructure that increases our economical growth here in Louisiana. We are always one natural disaster away from losing everything we have, just to rebuild again and again. It's time to stop just rebuilding. It's time to start building to withstand and to investing in our future. In order to have secure lives and a secure economy we need a secure and reliable network of roads and bridges.

We need to invest in engineering and the implementation of reliable drainage systems that keep storm water from flooding our streets and our homes.

We need to invest in fail-safe , dependable power grids that can withstand.

We need updated, durable, reliable roads that efficiently meets our transit demands.

We need politicians that will do what is necessary to fight for these investments for the people of Louisiana.

These are things we have been promised time and time again. It's time to stop the broken promises and lip service from politicians who have ignored our critical infrastructure needs for decades, including our greatest times of need in this district like the Great Flood of 2015.

Our politicians have chosen to give a massive tax cut to their corporate donors, adding trillions of dollars to the federal deficit, depleting our financial resources, instead of investing in our desperate infrastructure needs. Unlike the corporate giveaway, these investments would pay for themselves by creating a stronger economy in Louisiana.


I believe all American have the right to see a doctor when we are sick and without mounds of debts that take food off our tables and clothes of our children's backs. As a mother of four, I understand the effects that the rising cost of health care has on working families.

This is why we not only need to reduce the cost of healthcare but also increase the quality of care that we receive.

We can all agree that the Affordable Care Act has flaws, but it has provided affordable coverage to hundreds of thousands of working Louisianans who were previously uninsured. I experience this often as an engineer. Never would I obsolete a functioning system without a strategy that produces a viable solution with equal or greater value. That's throwing the baby out with the bath water. Yet this is the strategy the Republican representatives in Congress have adopted in their attempted to steal our right to affordable healthcare. This strategy is both irresponsible and neglectful. Just as I would be fired for being reckless, they should be fired.

Our Republican leaders in Congress have failed to give us a sensible, bipartisan solution to strengthen the ACA. They missed their opportunity to reduce the cost of health care, stabilize health insurance markets, and give Americans better quality healthcare. These neglectful politicians put children at risk, ignoring them for months, until pushed by the threat of a government shutdown, they were finally forced to work with both parties to fund CHIP for children.

If we want to put America first, we must be American's first, and quit electing corporate-owned politicians that sell out to Big Pharma. I will put Americans first, as I would work with any of my fellow members of Congress, regardless of party, who is willing to work to reduce the cost of health care, raise the quality of care that we receive, reduce our premiums and out-of-pocket costs, and give us the sensible solution of negotiating the cost of prescription drugs.


I am a believer in the American Dream, yet wages are stagnant and the median income for Louisianian's is $45, 146. Gallup Polls show that Louisiana's workers are among the most engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs compared to the rest of the country. Working Americans deserve to see fair rewards for our hard work and grit.

This why we need to restoring the power of collective bargaining to workers because it is our right to negotiate better wages, benefits, working conditions, and equal protections. When our unions do the work, our unions work.


I believe that our children deserve to go to school with out fear. No parent should ever have to mourn the death of a child they sent to school that day.

Responsible gun owners go above and beyond what is required for them as gun owners. It's time for us to expect all Americans to be responsible gun owners. That is why we need to enforce responsible gun ownership by implementing universal background checks. We should expect citizens to be trained in the responsibilities that lie in handling such deadly weapons and preventing civilians from owning and modifying weapons that increase the capability of massive destruction and death.

These are sensible things that responsible gun owners already do, but our corporate owned political leaders refuse to act because they put the interest of corporate profits over the safety of our children.


I believe Americans have a right to privacy in our homes and on our cell phones, computers, and all other electronic devices which are an extension of our homes. As a software engineer, I understand how important it is that we address this issue because I understand the extraordinary capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. AI can take mass accumulated data about private citizens and accurately predict anything. This data can then be analyzed to determine how to best persuade or manipulate people. This power must have checks and balances. Congress must protect Americans not only from abuse of this power in our own country, but also from foreign enemies who would use this power against us. We need members in Congress who understand these threats.

The internet is a communication infrastructure that American tax payers funded to create. We have a vested interest in this infrastructure, and our rights and freedom to access it must be protected. This is why I will protect net neutrality because there is no freedom where there is fear. Congress must protect our right to access, use, and enjoy the internet while also protecting our privacy and securing us from foreign threats.